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Cavaco or cavaquinho


The cavaco or cavaquinho is a chordophone that produces sound by being plucked with the fingers or struck by a pick. It has exactly half the size of a classical guitar. It is popular as a rhythm instrument in samba, pagode, and choro, but it is also used as a solo instrument. The neck of the cavaquinho is divided into 17 frets. It has 4 metal strings normally tuned as D-G-B-D, sometimes as E-B-G-D. The cavaquinho originates from Portugal where it is also know as braguinha, braga, machete, machetinho, machete-de-braga. The cavaquinho, together with the mandolin, flute and acoustic guitar, forms the basic ensemble of the choro in Brazil. Waldir Azevedo is the most well-known choro musician who played the cavaquinho.

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