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Bigband Exposure

Big Band Exposure
Big Band Exposure is a young, alive and kicking band from Haaksbergen, founded in 1983. The band consists of professional and passionate amateur musicians. Although in Exposure still play some members of the first hour, the line-up consists mainly of young people and that is to be noticed! The repertoire is extensive and covers big band standards as "One o'clock jump", easy listening and rocklike fusion songs. Moreover the band is flexible enough to adapt the repertoire to the type of act and to the soloist to be accompanied. Big Band Exposure performs very regular, both in the Netherlands and in Germany. Thereby it concerns all kinds of gigs, such as jazz festivals, balls, open-air festivals, and Sunday morning concerts. Big Band Exposure has also made several recordings, amongst which a radio recording. Every year a New Year's concert is given at which the new repertoire is presented and well known soloists are accompanied. Beside the 17 instrumentalists the band has also a vocalist named Martin ter Haar. Conductor of Exposure is trombonist Paul Rademaker.

Jazz and latin combo's
Henk Frans met IbanezBeside Big Band Exposure I play in several jazz and latin combo's which are composed depending on the specific occasion. You can think of occasions such as weddings, parties, or lectures of political parties. These combo's are also well fitted to play in the background during a dinner.

Fool Proof & the Foolhorns
Fool Proof summer 2003Since 1998 I play in this funky soul band. Already more than 12½ years Fool Proof & the Foolhorns guarantee sparkling gigs full of soul, funk and show. Founded by students of the Twente University nowadays the band members live scattered all over the Netherlands. In spite of the large distances between the members, Fool Proof is still to be found on the podium. You can't break the band up in pieces! The enthusiastic vocal section, the jovial rhythm section and the funky brass section called "the Foolhorns" ensure that you cannot keep sitting in your chair during a gig. Soul and funk are the main musical ingredients. But also for the best dance classics and pop songs, with Fool Proof you are at the right address. Covers of many old and new songs always ensure a real dance party. The eight members of Fool Proof & the Foolhorns make of every gig a sparkling soul party for as well the audience... as for themselves!

Orkest Musical AnatevkaSince about 2000 I participate as a guest guitarist in the orchestra of several musical societies. I've played "Me and My Girl", "The Pijama Game", "Scrooge", "Anatevka", "De Engel van Amsterdam", "Heerlijk duurt het langst", and "En nu naar bed".

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