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Forró is a kind of dance music that is often to be seen in the northeast of Brasil. According to some kind of theory the word "forró" has been derived from the English expression "for all" and they say it stems from the beginning of the 20th century. According to another theory the word "forró" has been derived from the word "forrobodó" which means "large celebration" or "commotion". The last opinion is proclaimed by the folklorist Câmara Cascudo, who studied the northeast of Brasil for the maior part of his life. The traditional forró, also called "forró pé-de-serra", is played on three instruments: accordion, zabumba, and triangle. The lyrics are mostly about love, romanticism, passion, envy, or an ex-lover. Forró bands carry often the name of a particular type of food like "Mastruz com Leite" (muesli with milk) or "Castanha de Caju" (cashew nut).

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