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Private Guitar Lessons

In 2000 I finished the Conservatory of Music in Enschede and received my baccalaureate degree as a Teaching Musician in Electric Guitar. Since 1995 I'm giving guitar lessons in Enschede. My own interests as a guitarist are blues, jazz, big band, samba, bossa nova, funk, soul, and rock.

Depending on your age I follow a certain method. When you are still young, reading notes will be a part of the lesson, as well as improving hearing skills through playing by ear. When you are older, I emphasize improving hearing skills and playing techniques instead of sight reading. You can take to the lesson CD's or MP3 files of your favourite band or idol. During the lesson I will figure out the music and write it down in musical or chord notation. I also will help you how to figure out a song by yourself.

The price of a private half-hour lesson is €20.00. A duo lesson of 45 minutes costs €21.00 per student. You decide the form (private or duo) and the duration of the lesson. In case you are not able to attend the lesson, you have to ring up one day in advance or write an e-mail. In case you cancel the lesson on the lesson day, I will charge half of the lesson fee. I do not work with a contract. If the lessons don't please you anymore, you're allowed to quit the lessons anytime you want.

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